Approaching Storm

On a hike along Copper Ridge near Strawberry Park, Matt took this photo of a tree with an approaching storm. The rain didn’t start until he was safely back at the truck!

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A Walk along the River

My dog and I went on a nice walk along the Core Trail this afternoon. The trail follows the Yampa River through lots of cottonwood trees. And while he sniffed the grass and waded through the river I took lots of photos on my iPhone with the Hipstamatic app. What fun!

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Summer Hikes

As soon as the snow has melted on the trails, Matt and his friend Frank like to go on very long hikes with their pack of happy dogs. Here are some photos Matt took last summer and a little bit of info. If you are doing lots of hiking in the area, we recommend Hiking the ‘Boat II by Diane White-Crane. There’s lots of good detailed info in there!

Lily Lake on Rabbit Ears Pass is a favorite hike because of the views, the lily covered lake, and the Native American quarry.

This is a photo showing part of the Steamboat Ski Area from the Lower Bear Trail. I couldn’t find good directions online for this hike, but you basically head to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs and look for the trailhead to the right shortly before you get to the hot springs.

If you keep walking, you get to Elk Park Road in the photo above.

This last photo is from a hike along Soda Creek. Again, I couldn’t find good directions online for this hike but if you go to the Dry Lake Campground on Buffalo Pass that’s where the trail begins. You can either walk through the creek valley with lots of wildflowers, or higher on the ridge overlooking the valley. In the spring and early summer Soda Creek is very fast with snowmelt.

We’ll post more hike photos from this summer before long. There are so many great places to walk and bike around here!

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We were sitting on our back deck getting ready to eat some birthday cake with a friend when the moon rose up behind the ski area. It was huge! I actually discovered that the full moon this month is closer and looks larger than usual. They are calling it a Supermoon.

Then Matt drove down to one of our favorite spots by the Yampa river to take this photo. The moon will be completely full tomorrow- I’m sure it will look enormous.

There’s also a solar eclipse coming up on May 20th. Here’s some info about it.

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Mud Season

Spring and fall in Steamboat Springs are fondly known as mud season. There’s a lot of mud in the spring from snowmelt and rain. Because this was a really dry winter, and so far it’s a dry spring, there’s not much mud these days. The mountain bikes are already out and the trails are dry around town.

If you like dusty browns, it’s still a lovely place. The trees are starting to leaf though, and it won’t be long until everything’s green!

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Final Days for the Ski Area

It’s the last few days of the ski season for the Steamboat Ski Area. Matt has been a snow cat driver grooming the runs there for the last 10 years. Here are some really neat evening photos he took in the last couple of days. If you look closely, you can see the Gondola House in both of these photos.

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There are so many wonderful places around Steamboat to go camping. This is Dry Lake Campground on Buffalo Pass where Matt and I enjoyed the trees last summer.

We found a few surprises in the evening.

We are looking forward to camping again this summer!

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